Monday, May 22, 2006

OP's Truck!

OK, I don't have any pictures of OP's truck, but it is all I have heard my son say for the past 72 hours. "OP's Truck! OP's Truck! Where is OP's Truck?!??!" OP is Jackson's grandfather, my Dad. He and my stepmom Diane (aka "Cracker" to her grandchildren - don't ask), and her brother David, just visited us from Texas for the first time. OP drives a truck - a big truck. That big truck connects to another big "truck" - his RV 5th wheel. Jackson was mesmorized by both big trucks and couldn't (and still can't) stop talking about them. He's also very much in love with his OP. The two have only gotten to meet a few times, but this time was definitely a bonding experience. I'm glad my Dad and family got to visit. Jackson's been saying "Grammy", "Nana", and "Grandpa" for awhile...but looks like they have some competition now with OP...afterall, OP has one big TRUCK!

PS - OP = Old Pop

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