Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Our toys are breeding

I've looked around today, trying to corral this mess of a house, and it finally dawned on me - our toys are breeding. The trains are out of control, they are like rabbits. And don't get me started on matchbox cars! If I trip one more time on diggity dog or bubba dog, or even that blessed hound dog that sings "Ain't noth'n but a hound dog" that Grammy bought him (thanks mom) I'm gonna lose it! Books are everywhere and my kid can't even read. Toy hats. Blocks of every color, shape and size. Balls - oh my God, the balls are everywhere! Baskets of trinkets and what-nots that don't really have a purpose but seem to amuse Jackson for hours. Seriously, it is out of control. They must all sneak out at night, get a little tipsy on apple juice and have some fun. (wink wink) I'm looking for toy birth control if anyone knows where I can buy that in econo-size.

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