Saturday, May 13, 2006

Suburbia II

Yesterday I bragged about the 'burbs. Today I want them to go jump off their well manicured sloping hills!! I jest. Sort of. Today was a busy day in the backyard. We had a "non-compliance" issue from the previous home owner that we had to take care of: painting the neighbor's fence. It's a long story, one I'd prefer not to get into. But Shawn and I worked our tales off to get it done within the HOA's time frame. Then we both just wanted to zonk out for a nap when Jackson did. Jackson fell asleep quickly. Shawn did too - thankfully; he's had some early morning drives to Boulder this week. But some neighborhood yappy dog kept waking me up. I mean this freak'n dog would not shut up!! I'm 16 week pregnant - give a gal a break! I'm irritated and tired and want a piece of steak laced with arsenic to throw to the yappy beast who won't shut up (I jest...sort of). UGH! Darn these Suburbs!!!

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