Friday, May 12, 2006


Shawn and I have always sort of prided ourselves on being city-folks. When I moved to Seattle I lived on First Hill -- as close to downtown as you could get without paying for a millionaire condo or living in a box. Slowly, over time, we gravitated further and further from the city center, but always we maintained a Seattle zip code. It was important to us to remain in the city, in the heart of all the action. Not that we saw a lot of action after our son was born, but Seattlites we remained. Then we moved to Colorado. We knew immediately that we did not want to live in Denver. 1) We don't really like Denver. It's just not Seattle. And 2) Living in the city is far more expensive than the 'burbs. So we settled here in Castle Rock and gave up quick access to theatres, restaurants, bars, museums, etc...
...And I must admit it - I LOVE the Suburbs! Those are not words I ever thought I'd utter. But Castle Rock is the cutest little town you ever saw. Oh sure, there's a Chile's within 2 miles of our house, but there are also quaint little family run restaurants where the owner knows your name and gives your child a hug and a toy as soon as you enter the door. There are parks and trees and playgrounds all over this place. And our neighborhood should win a prize for all-American charm. Nearly every house on the block boasts at least 1 child - most often, more than 1. All the neighbors know each other and are the nicest folks you'd every hope to meet. Emily across the street gave us brownies when we moved in - I thought that only happened on TV or in the 70's! Everyone's lawn is well kept; there are no tarps covering unfinished add-ons from a dozen years ago, or wanna-be gangstas' hanging out around an old clunker car that will never run. We are as happy as can be here. Jackson loves to play with "the kids" at the park, and wave at neighbors as we go on walks along the paths that dot the community. There's even a zero-entry pool for us to splash around in this summer. I can't wait to get my big old boy and my big old belly into that cool water!
So for now, this 32 year old mom of 1-1/2 kids is happy as can be living far away from the city, here in the heartland - - in the Suburbs.

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