Friday, June 09, 2006

Becoming "that kind of mom"

I’ve become “that kind of mom.” Before you become a parent you say to yourself “I’ll never be that kind of mom!” You know, when you are childless and think you have it all figured out, you can’t understand how some moms do the things they do. And yet, I have become her. I realized this as I saw my son pop his 3rd dum-dum sucker of the day into his mouth as I was out shopping the other day. Shopping with him is a total drag. But I needed to sort out some stuff for Shawn’s father’s day. I didn’t want to hear Jackson squawk and cry and hassle me about yet another trip to Target (our 3rd trip this week). So I popped a sucker in his mouth to keep him happy. I also did this when we got to the free showing of “Curious George” and it was sold out – pop in a sucker, make the kid happy. And again I did it when my shopping excursion took me to the dreaded den of all shopping – Wal-Mart. Pop in a sucker, keep him quiet just long enough to get me to aisle 12 and out again. Keeping count? That’s three suckers in one day. It’s called bribery and it works like a charm. One day it’s going to bite me in the tush though, I know it. I have also been known to slip him French fries while in a restaurant – again, to quiet him down. I swore up and down my kid would not eat fried foods at such a tender age. Wrong! Whatever keeps him from yelling out in a public place, I’ll do it. I’m sure there is a long list I should be keeping of all the things I do to or for my son that I swore – pre-Jackson – I’d never do. But you are naïve (aka stupid) before you have kids, and you think irrationally. You don’t know any better. Now I do. This child is the king of the household – Shawn and I have been dethroned.

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Anonymous said...

Oh and isn't fun to hear them say french fries is what they want for dinner. No, just french fries, no chicken, no meat, no real veggies, just fries. Debbie