Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Little one

I've had a day for it to sink in that you are a boy my little one. Another boy! I'm beyond thrilled. Beyond excited. Beyond the moon with love for you. You aren't here yet, but it was love at first sight the minute we saw you on our first ultrasound 14 weeks ago with your tiny beating heart. You were ours. I worry some that you being the second you won't get the attention your big brother got. How excited all our family and friends were when we told them we were having a boy that first time around - the first boy in a long time in my family. But now, with a 2nd darling boy on the way, I already I see a bit more apathy when we tell people - excitedly -that we are having another boy. It does sadden me because I think you should be just as celebrated. Your arrival should be filled with the same anticipation that came with Jackson. So know my little man that we cried when we found out you were a boy -tears of joy and excitement and anticipation. Know that we wait with baited breath for your arrival in 20 more weeks. Know that we can hardly wait to add another boy to our brood. You complete our family. That much I know is true.

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