Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pure Luck

In this world of mom-dom I meet lots of moms at the park and the library and such, and have lots of mom-friends. We moms talk, ya know? I mean, we are locked up with little needy people all day who don't speak in complete sentences. So we jabber jabber jabber the minute we are around someone over the age of 12; doesn't matter if we know them or not. But what I'm learning from all these jabbering moms is how amazing my husband is. Seriously, I do think he has to be the best dad out there. I hear the chats, the rants, the discussions about other mother's husbands - and my husband is not one of those dads. I never have anything to rant about. He's too good (shhh, don't tell him - I have a good thing going here). My husband is the dad you see at the park that all the kids are hanging on - not just his own kid, all the kids. He's the dad who wipes hands and faces and clears dinner plates. He fixes the loose drawer and the broken sprinkler head, and still does milk and story time before bed for our son. He does bathtime regularly - because he wants to. He plays hard with Jackson. He laughs hard with Jackson. He dances hard with Jackson. He truly adores being with his child. He never complains that he's tired, or hungry, or just not in the mood to play trains for the millionth time. He never complains that the house is a mess, or his clothes aren't ironed, or that dinner bites. If he's late for a meal, and we've already eaten, he waits until Jackson is in bed to eat so he won't miss out on any fun time. And then, when the house is all quiet and little feet and hands are resting beneath their 3 blankies for the night, he scoops out a big fat bowl of vanilla bean ice-cream for his pregnant wife and tells her what a great mom she is. How ever did I get so fortunate to marry such an amazing guy? Fate? Nope, I don't think it's that. I just think it's pure luck - I won the lottery on this one for sure.

I love you honey.


Tricia said...

Great blog!:) Didn't realize you had one through here, too! I've got one of those wonderful husbands as well...what a blessing it is!


Anonymous said...

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