Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Beach

My favorite moment of our recent trip to our "home" city of Seattle was seeing our son at the beach. We took it for granted when we lived there, and now, we miss it. The moment we drove up to Golden Gardens - where we held our wedding rehearsal dinner just 5 years go - Jackson shrieks out "The beach! The beach!" It was a golden moment, to be certain. He then proceeds to run past the colorful playground area straight to the waters edge. I had smartly put water shoes on him but did not expect him to plop his hiney into the frigid Pacific waters. But that is precisely what he did. Plop! Clothes and all. He loved the cool water running over his legs. The waves lapping at the shore. The seagulls screeching hello. The kids playing in the sand in bathing suits and pull-over sweatshirts. That's the Pacific Northwest. And I miss it. We all do. Yes, home is here now I suppose, and it's a good life to be certain. But seeing my son so at home on the beach, it makes me have to wonder...

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