Friday, July 07, 2006

Lightening doesn't strike twice...

Lightening doesn't strike twice... well, it doesn't strike the same place twice. But it can strike the same individuals twice. For the 2nd time we've been struck and had a casualty. The first time, last year, we lost our computer and printer. It was fairly new. Very sad. Lesson learned (so we thought) - if you are going to living Colorado, you need to have really good surge protectors. Really good. OK, moving forward a year. We have moved. We are careless. We plugged our TV and DVD player in the minute we moved into the new house. Didn't think twice about it. We separated it from our stereo system because they are now stored in separate areas. So the stereo (Shawn's 2nd pride and joy next to Jackson) had the surge protector. You can see where this is going, right? A week ago the storms started. Thankfully. We have desperately needed the rain. I said to Shawn "we should get a surge protector for the TV soon." Two days later we are struck by lightening again. The house lit up like a Christmas tree! Jackson was a little freaked out- we all were. We lost the TV and the DVD player. Then our thermostat started smoking. Needless to say, we called the fire department. We explained it wasn't an emergency, yet 8 minutes later 2 firetrucks and a cop car came screeching up to our house. The house we've lived in less than 4 months. By this point, Jackson was ecstatic! He LOVES firetrucks. The men did their thing, checked the house from top to bottom. Nothing was awry. They did say we did the right thing by calling -- the same thing had happened the day before and an attic caught fire. Whew! An hour later the firetrucks rolled away, giving Jackson a high that lasted well beyond what should have been bedtime. The next day we got a new thermostat. It's July, we need the A/C!

This weekend we will begrudgingly purchase a new TV and DVD player...and a really, really good surge protector.

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