Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Crib Bumper

I shouldn't be weepy.

But I am.

I am putting together Holden's room (by the way, we're naming him Holden... we think) and the crib bumper has me weepy. This is the same crib bumper that was on Jackson's crib up until about 5 months ago when he learned how to climb out of it. I never removed it when he was an infant like all the "experts" tell you to. In fact, I finally removed it when I suspected he was using it as the added leverage to climb out. He was not. He's just an acrobat.

So just a few short months later we're putting the crib back together again. On goes the mattress pad. The chambry-red sheets from PBK. The chambry-blue bedskirt from the same collection. And of course, the adorable matching crib bumper that Shawn and I picked out over 2-1/2 years ago for our first born. It is red, blue, green, yellow and tan - like a patchwork quilt. It is precious. But mostly it is just symbolic of our early naivete at what it would be like to have a baby. It was so much more than that - so much harder, so much more exhausting, so much more fulfilling, so much more life changing -than ever we could have expected. And now, here we are doing it all over again with boy #2. And I'm weepy. Silly pregnant woman. It's going to be so much harder, so much more exhausting, so much more fulfilling, and so much more life changing than Shawn, Jackson, or I ever expected. Oh, and Holden, too.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I miss

I miss being comfortable
I miss my waistline
I miss sleeping all night long
I miss sharing a pillow with my husband
I miss running after Jackson
I miss normal clothing
I miss drinking liquids after 7PM
I miss holding my son in my lap when I read to him
I miss dancing to the Wiggles (seriously)
I miss red wine
I miss French fries
I miss seeing my feet

In a few more months...
I will miss feeling this precious baby inside my tummy
I will miss his flips and flops
I will miss eating ice-cream every night
I will miss sleeping. period.
I will miss the anticipation of what is to come
I will miss being pregnant for the last time.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Grammy's Song

My son knows something that neither I nor his father taught him. That is an exciting but somewhat sobering discovery - he's growing up so fast! The other day I started to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" to him. He joined in and sang the rest of the song without my prompting. He's 27 months old, how does he know that song?? I'd never sung it to him before. I said "did Daddy teach you that song?" He said "noooo!" with a sly grin. So I said "who taught you that song?" "Grammy!" he replied happily. Still not believing him, I asked Shawn that night if he had taught him that song and he said "No! In fact, the other day I sang it to him for the 1st time and he knew the words! I thought you taught him!?" Nope, it was Grammy! I was shocked.
My mom visits every couple of months, and the two of them have a great time. She was just here a few weeks ago, and I'm guessing she sang that song to him and he picked it up. I don't recall it. I'm so proud of him and so happy he's bonding so well with his Grammy. He seems quite fond of her (who wouldn't be?!) as he can name almost every toy or trinket she's ever given him. That's LOVE to a toddler!! Somehow, despite the odds, Mom has figured out little boys. She was one of 3 girls, she had 3 daughters of her own, and also has 4 granddaughters! Jackson is the one and only boy (until the baby arrives that is). So kudos to mom for teaching Jackson that song. And kudos to my boy, who is growing up before my very eyes. I love you both.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Email to my husband

Dear Shawn. I stole your t-shirt. It's too hot. I'm too big. I can't imagine slithering into anything that touches my skin. So I am wearing one of your plain, white t-shirts. I couldn't bear the idea of your sweatstains (sorry!) so I am wearing one of the brand new ones I just bought you. I'm sorry. I'll buy you 10 more (with your money of course). It is lovely. Like wearing nothing at all. I look ridiculous - it's huge on me. I'm definitely by far the sexiest pregnant woman you've ever been married to. Seriously dude, you are SOOOOOO lucky to have me! Oh, and I have boob sweat.

Love you!

ps - one more oh -- your son was a pain in the bum at the pool today. God love 'im. If he wasn't so damn cute, I'd sell him. kidding. sort of. have a good afternoon.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I should keep better track of Jackson's milestones. Seriously. I'm a scrapbooker for Pete's sake, I need to remember this stuff. So here's what's new with you little man:

  • You can speak in full sentences (though you do still babble and I do have to interpret sometimes)
  • You can do every single activity at Monkey Bizness, including the tall slide, without help
  • You can sing songs - your faves include "The Moon Song" and anything by The Wiggles
  • You like Johnny Cash as well
  • You run faster than any other kid we know
  • You can benchpress your father (well, not really, but almost)
  • You love milk and cheese and yogurt
  • You also love pineapple (pronounced peanut-apple)
  • You sometimes ask to sit on the potty
  • You have never actually pottied in the potty
  • You sleep through the night 92% of the time
  • You are a great napper (3 hours!)
  • Your best buddies include: Owen, Charlotte, Jack and Aiden - you know all their names and recognize their houses
  • You know who all your Grandparents are, even if they live far away
  • You are an excellent ball player - basketball, soccer, football and golf
  • Your favorite books are: Green Eggs and Ham, the book from the movie Cars, The Case of the Missing Peanuts (Mickey Mouse), Colors and Shapes
  • Your favorite TV Shows are: Bob the Builder, Little Einsteins, The Wiggles, Higglytown Heroes, and the John Henkes books put to DVD (Chrysanthemum, Wendell, Owen)
  • You adore trucks, trains, balls, boats, and all things "boy"
  • You love to swim at the neighborhood pool
  • You are afraid of bugs
  • You kiss mommy's tummy that has baby brother inside
  • You are a total Daddy's boy
  • You are two, and you totally know it!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lunch Date

When Jackson was a newborn and I was on maternity leave (before I was a full time SAHM) he and I used to go have lunch dates with Shawn during the work week. I'd dress my little bundle up in one of his many adorable 0-3 month outfits, give him a good nursing, and then we'd head off to the office. Shawn would tote him around to all the ladies in his office They would ooohh and awww over him, and the proud parents would puff up like peacocks. We'd then slip away to lunch at Blue Star Cafe down the street. Jackson would fall asleep (too much milk, too much cooing) and we'd enjoy a leisurely lunch of grilled sandwiches and French fries. All the while admiring how adorable our little baby was.

Fast forward 2 years.

Now I *occasionally* brave trudging into Denver traffic with my rambunctious two year old for lunch with his Daddy. It takes us forever to get into the car for whatever reason -- a last minute explosion diaper to clean up (followed by an "I'm done pooping!" quote from my 1st born) was today's delay. I heave my big old pregnant body into the car along with my 30 pound toddler, and we head into traffic. Usually I'm 10 minutes late from when I told Shawn we'd meet him. We swing by his office. We don't bother going inside, Shawn meets us outside. We race to the nearest deli and order quickly. No time to think, just order the first thing you see. Within 2 minutes of sitting down Jackson is usually covered in grilled cheese or nuggets or ketchup and is begging for milk. He eats in exactly 4 minutes flat while Shawn and I shovel our own food into our mouths at a furious pace. Few words are spoken. No time. Must eat. Lunch is complete when Jackson's clothes are covered in something dark and sticky (today was free chocolate chip cookie day at Heidi's) and often a drink is spilled. No matter, these clothes have long been ruined by his messes. We are done eating in 15 minutes max. We feel it was a success if 1/2 of what we ordered for him makes it into his mouth. Perhaps that is why he is so skinny!?!?

Our days of leisurely lunches admiring our adorable newborn are O-V-E-R. Poor baby boy #2, he'll likely never know what going to meet Daddy for lunch is. I can't even imagine trying to do this lunch date thing with two boys in tow!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I heard the door to the powder bath shut and little feet scampering away. I knew he was into some mischief and I was ready with my game face to place some blame. He has a fondness for putting things in the toilet and I knew that was on his agenda. As he skidded around the corner he came face to face with me. We had a bit of a stare-down -- me with my hands on my hips and my "what did you do?!" face and him with the look of complete angel innocence.

me: "Jackson, what did you do in that bathroom?!" (asked sternly and with emphasis on "you")

He looked at me quizzically. softly. and replied: "Put the raisin in the trash."

And with that he was off, into the living room to look for his trucks. I looked into the bathroom trash and low and behold was a single shriveled raisin in the bottom of the trashcan. I had jumped to a conclusion, and it was a wrong one at that. Shame on me. My son was as sweet and innocent as could be. Well, this time.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Summer Adventures

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