Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Crib Bumper

I shouldn't be weepy.

But I am.

I am putting together Holden's room (by the way, we're naming him Holden... we think) and the crib bumper has me weepy. This is the same crib bumper that was on Jackson's crib up until about 5 months ago when he learned how to climb out of it. I never removed it when he was an infant like all the "experts" tell you to. In fact, I finally removed it when I suspected he was using it as the added leverage to climb out. He was not. He's just an acrobat.

So just a few short months later we're putting the crib back together again. On goes the mattress pad. The chambry-red sheets from PBK. The chambry-blue bedskirt from the same collection. And of course, the adorable matching crib bumper that Shawn and I picked out over 2-1/2 years ago for our first born. It is red, blue, green, yellow and tan - like a patchwork quilt. It is precious. But mostly it is just symbolic of our early naivete at what it would be like to have a baby. It was so much more than that - so much harder, so much more exhausting, so much more fulfilling, so much more life changing -than ever we could have expected. And now, here we are doing it all over again with boy #2. And I'm weepy. Silly pregnant woman. It's going to be so much harder, so much more exhausting, so much more fulfilling, and so much more life changing than Shawn, Jackson, or I ever expected. Oh, and Holden, too.

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