Friday, August 11, 2006

Email to my husband

Dear Shawn. I stole your t-shirt. It's too hot. I'm too big. I can't imagine slithering into anything that touches my skin. So I am wearing one of your plain, white t-shirts. I couldn't bear the idea of your sweatstains (sorry!) so I am wearing one of the brand new ones I just bought you. I'm sorry. I'll buy you 10 more (with your money of course). It is lovely. Like wearing nothing at all. I look ridiculous - it's huge on me. I'm definitely by far the sexiest pregnant woman you've ever been married to. Seriously dude, you are SOOOOOO lucky to have me! Oh, and I have boob sweat.

Love you!

ps - one more oh -- your son was a pain in the bum at the pool today. God love 'im. If he wasn't so damn cute, I'd sell him. kidding. sort of. have a good afternoon.

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