Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Grammy's Song

My son knows something that neither I nor his father taught him. That is an exciting but somewhat sobering discovery - he's growing up so fast! The other day I started to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" to him. He joined in and sang the rest of the song without my prompting. He's 27 months old, how does he know that song?? I'd never sung it to him before. I said "did Daddy teach you that song?" He said "noooo!" with a sly grin. So I said "who taught you that song?" "Grammy!" he replied happily. Still not believing him, I asked Shawn that night if he had taught him that song and he said "No! In fact, the other day I sang it to him for the 1st time and he knew the words! I thought you taught him!?" Nope, it was Grammy! I was shocked.
My mom visits every couple of months, and the two of them have a great time. She was just here a few weeks ago, and I'm guessing she sang that song to him and he picked it up. I don't recall it. I'm so proud of him and so happy he's bonding so well with his Grammy. He seems quite fond of her (who wouldn't be?!) as he can name almost every toy or trinket she's ever given him. That's LOVE to a toddler!! Somehow, despite the odds, Mom has figured out little boys. She was one of 3 girls, she had 3 daughters of her own, and also has 4 granddaughters! Jackson is the one and only boy (until the baby arrives that is). So kudos to mom for teaching Jackson that song. And kudos to my boy, who is growing up before my very eyes. I love you both.

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