Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lunch Date

When Jackson was a newborn and I was on maternity leave (before I was a full time SAHM) he and I used to go have lunch dates with Shawn during the work week. I'd dress my little bundle up in one of his many adorable 0-3 month outfits, give him a good nursing, and then we'd head off to the office. Shawn would tote him around to all the ladies in his office They would ooohh and awww over him, and the proud parents would puff up like peacocks. We'd then slip away to lunch at Blue Star Cafe down the street. Jackson would fall asleep (too much milk, too much cooing) and we'd enjoy a leisurely lunch of grilled sandwiches and French fries. All the while admiring how adorable our little baby was.

Fast forward 2 years.

Now I *occasionally* brave trudging into Denver traffic with my rambunctious two year old for lunch with his Daddy. It takes us forever to get into the car for whatever reason -- a last minute explosion diaper to clean up (followed by an "I'm done pooping!" quote from my 1st born) was today's delay. I heave my big old pregnant body into the car along with my 30 pound toddler, and we head into traffic. Usually I'm 10 minutes late from when I told Shawn we'd meet him. We swing by his office. We don't bother going inside, Shawn meets us outside. We race to the nearest deli and order quickly. No time to think, just order the first thing you see. Within 2 minutes of sitting down Jackson is usually covered in grilled cheese or nuggets or ketchup and is begging for milk. He eats in exactly 4 minutes flat while Shawn and I shovel our own food into our mouths at a furious pace. Few words are spoken. No time. Must eat. Lunch is complete when Jackson's clothes are covered in something dark and sticky (today was free chocolate chip cookie day at Heidi's) and often a drink is spilled. No matter, these clothes have long been ruined by his messes. We are done eating in 15 minutes max. We feel it was a success if 1/2 of what we ordered for him makes it into his mouth. Perhaps that is why he is so skinny!?!?

Our days of leisurely lunches admiring our adorable newborn are O-V-E-R. Poor baby boy #2, he'll likely never know what going to meet Daddy for lunch is. I can't even imagine trying to do this lunch date thing with two boys in tow!

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