Thursday, August 10, 2006


I should keep better track of Jackson's milestones. Seriously. I'm a scrapbooker for Pete's sake, I need to remember this stuff. So here's what's new with you little man:

  • You can speak in full sentences (though you do still babble and I do have to interpret sometimes)
  • You can do every single activity at Monkey Bizness, including the tall slide, without help
  • You can sing songs - your faves include "The Moon Song" and anything by The Wiggles
  • You like Johnny Cash as well
  • You run faster than any other kid we know
  • You can benchpress your father (well, not really, but almost)
  • You love milk and cheese and yogurt
  • You also love pineapple (pronounced peanut-apple)
  • You sometimes ask to sit on the potty
  • You have never actually pottied in the potty
  • You sleep through the night 92% of the time
  • You are a great napper (3 hours!)
  • Your best buddies include: Owen, Charlotte, Jack and Aiden - you know all their names and recognize their houses
  • You know who all your Grandparents are, even if they live far away
  • You are an excellent ball player - basketball, soccer, football and golf
  • Your favorite books are: Green Eggs and Ham, the book from the movie Cars, The Case of the Missing Peanuts (Mickey Mouse), Colors and Shapes
  • Your favorite TV Shows are: Bob the Builder, Little Einsteins, The Wiggles, Higglytown Heroes, and the John Henkes books put to DVD (Chrysanthemum, Wendell, Owen)
  • You adore trucks, trains, balls, boats, and all things "boy"
  • You love to swim at the neighborhood pool
  • You are afraid of bugs
  • You kiss mommy's tummy that has baby brother inside
  • You are a total Daddy's boy
  • You are two, and you totally know it!

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