Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I'm feeling rather old today. Or maybe just nostalgic. I was suddenly reminded that it was 10 years ago today that Ruth and I boarded a plane for London to begin our 9 month European adventure. I can't t imagine taking that journey without Ruth by my side.

Was I scared to move to a country thousands of miles from home, with only a few hundred dollars in my pocket? No! For some crazy reason I was on a fearless mission. I wanted to see the world, experience life, find out who I was, gain some distance from that little municipality called Lubbock, Texas. In my time there I became this woman I never knew existed - strong and independent. Navigating the London streets, living in our flat share in Oval, getting a job at Fortnum & Mason, and discovering art and music and theatre and life in a way I never knew existed. All on my own. Or at least all alone with Ruth.

I have so many incredible memories from my monthshs spent abroad, running through the London streets with Ruth, discovering that ancient yet modern capital city. I met so many remarkable individuals who touched my life and made me a better person for having known them. We ventured to the theatre every single week, without fail. We discovered wonderful little pubs to hunker down in and laugh the night away - especially DeHemme's, our pub of choice. We danced until the wee hours of the morning at night clubs like Bar Sol Ona, where we pretended we knew how to Salsa. We enjoyed lazy afternoons sipping cup after cup of tea in our favorite coffee house, Sante, or taking in a movie in Leicester Square on a rainy Sunday after a visit to Camden market. And of course, visiting the typical tourist spots when time allowed. But really we lived like locals and experienced a London most visitor's do not. It felt so bohemian.

I am so in love with that amazing city that it's hard to sum up the emotions I have over my time there. But this picture sums it up for me in many ways. Ruth and me, running around on a random London street. Probably on our way to a pub, or perhaps a museum or gallery, or maybe just out for a brisk city stroll. But that red double-decker bus, the wet paved stones and gray sky, and the buoyant attitude, well it sums up our time there. We are happy and free. Just two 20-something gals out for an adventure -- and what an adventure we had!

10 years. Wow, wherever has the time gone?!

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Joey said...

England MADE you!