Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Dinner

When I was growing up my mom (or my Granny if we were in Floydada) made Sunday dinner every single Sunday after church, without fail. That is unless we talked her into going out to eat, which was seldom. I wish now I'd relished those home-cooked meals a little more when I was a kid. The all time favorite at our house was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. So delish! Of course being the health-conscious generation that we are, I rarely if ever fry foods at home. Occasionally I'll pan fry fish, but that's about it. Well earlier this week I decided I was going to make my family a full-fledged Sunday dinner with all the trimmings. We are heathens and don't go to church, but the least I could do was make a homemade Sunday dinner!

Shawn took Jackson for a long bike ride while I poured over my Martha Stewart Fried Chicken 101 recipe. I had soaked the chicken in milk and red-hot overnight. It was a fairly easy recipe to follow, though I stuck to breasts only. They fried beautifully, and actually absorbed far less vegetable oil than I expected. I boiled and mashed the potatoes with a little butter and milk. Steamed some broccoli with sharp cheddar melted on top. Crescent rolls were popped in the oven (ok those weren't homemade, but everything else was). And of course, made delicious, creamy gravy from the drippings. Very Southern Living if you ask me.

In just about an hour I had completed what took my mom probably 30 minutes. But it smelled and looked just like hers, and I was beyond proud of myself. Shawn and Jackson made it home from their ride just as I was finishing the gravy. Perfect. And it was! The meal was perfect and delicious, and made me more than just a little nostalgic for home. Of course we still ate in 15 minutes or less because we have a rambunctious 2 year old. But man, that was one fine Sunday dinner! We'll have to work on the church side though.

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