Friday, October 13, 2006

"Come back Scoop! Listen to me...stop right now!"

This is the conversation Shawn and I just overheard our 28 month old son say to his Bob the Builder Scoop truck. It rang a little too close to home. Replace "Scoop" with "Jackson" and you have me yelling after our son at the park this afternoon. "Come back Jackson! Listen to me...stop right now!" Whew. They learn fast don't they? One day he's a baby babbling nonsensical words and the next day he's mocking me in imaginary play. It's amazing what a little sponge he has become. I guess I should be thankful that we've managed (so far) to keep any choice curse words out of his mouth. That is, until the next time one of us stubs a toe or breaks a dish. Then I expect Scoop might become more of a potty mouth.
Note to Shawn and I: Keep our tongues in check! This kid's on to us....

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