Tuesday, October 10, 2006


THIS is what they mean by "nesting" when you are close to delivering. Oh my gracious! I can't stop organizing, cleaning, cooking, and "nurturing." I didn't have this with Jackson. Or maybe we were just more prepared. Or maybe it was because I was put on bedrest and couldn't do all this. But all the sudden in the last couple of weeks I feel like I have so much to do and so little time. I've washed all the baby clothes. The nursery is completely done. The carseat is installed (thanks honey). Swing and stroller are assembled (thanks again honey). Diapers are ready. Linens are washed. Pump and bottles are sterilized. Hall closet with meds, towels, sheets, toilet paper and batteries is stocked. Yard is aerated and fertilized. I have a list of a dozen meals I can prepare in the next week from the contents of my freezer, fridge and pantry (and I NEVER have a full pantry - but I do now!). I made two lasagnas today, one for tonight, one for the freezer. I keep baking cookies, brownies and cakes for reasons that escape me. I have 4 kinds of ice-cream in the freezer, when really I should just have none! I've bought most of our Christmas presents. I know what I'm getting everyone who has a birthday between now and New Year's. I've made a list of preschools to visit this winter to prepare for Jackson's first day of school...in 12 more months. Every room in the house is completely organized. Emergency numbers are programmed into the phone. Hospital bag is just about ready to go. My hair is cut and colored and my toes are painted (have to look pretty when you are pushing out a watermelon, right?!?). Whew! I seriously can't think of another thing that needs to be done. Except of course, maybe actually giving birth this baby. Come out, come out wherever you are! We are ready...at least, I think we are....

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