Saturday, October 07, 2006

Popsicles for Breakfast

We asked Jackson what he wanted for breakfast this morning. "Popsicles!" he replied. We reminded him we don't have popsicles for breakfast and he could have waffles, toast, or cereal. he settled, begrudgingly, for waffles.

An hour or so later Shawn and I were both upstairs getting ready for the day. We could hear The Wiggles from downstairs so we knew Jackson was entertained. Suddenly he yelled up the stairs that he needed to go outside. I went to the foot of the stairs, looked down at my angelic little boy in his fireman pajamas, and noticed a big red popsicle in his hand. I wanted to reprimand him, but I couldn't stop laughing. Neither could Shawn. Jackson just insisted he needed to go outside -- because that is where we eat popsicles. Naturally. Apparently he had climbed into the freezer, taken out a single red popsicle from the box, closed the freezer, unwrapped it, and enjoyed! I'm sure I should have taken it from him but instead Shawn went outside to the steps and he happily ate his popsicle. We are still chuckling over it. And I've moved the popsicles to a higher shelf in the freezer.

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