Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pumpkin Pick'n

Today we took Jackson to the Castle Rock Garden Center where they set up a pumpkin patch and some cute attractions for kids. It was grey and misty and reminded us of pumpkin pickin' in Seattle. Except this was a garden center so we didn't have to drudge through muck and mud like we would at say Barringer farms back home. I like this way of picking pumpkins better. Especially since I'm 9 months pregnant with a pumpkin of my own. Jackson had a ball. He wanted to buy every pumpkin they had, and tried to pick each one up. They also had a corn maze, haunted house and jumpy castle. He really liked the jumpy castle. He fell in love with a cute little 3 year old girl in the jumpy castle , who, according to him, was a "funny kid!" We finished the afternoon off with grilled cheese sandwiches, soup and a nap. This may be one of our last few weekends as a family of three and we loved every minute of it.
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