Tuesday, November 21, 2006

8:46 PM

8:46 PM. That's what time I went to bed last night. My first day solo with both boys . It was a decent day, but I was exhausted. Jackson decided that it was a good day to boycott a nap, so it did make the day feel longer. I fell asleep while Shawn was putting Holden to bed. I don't even remember him doing so. Of course I was up again at 12:45 (4 hours- way to go baby!), 3:36, and 6:21...it almost felt like a full night's sleep! ALMOST! But we all survived the day, and even day number 2, today. Thankfully Jackson played very hard with his buddy Charlotte this morning so he napped hard as well. And having Charlotte's mama, Carissa, over was a nice sanity check for me, too. Overall, I guess I'm going to do ok with this mom-of-2-kids thing. I'm sure there will bumpy days ahead of us, but making it through the last 48 hours feels like a major accomplishment in itself. Granted I had 5 bites of Mac-n-Cheese and a handful of potato chips for lunch, but I guess figuring out meal times for myself will come in time, too, right?!

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