Friday, November 10, 2006

Dangling Chads

When Holden was born, something happened to his nose. We're not sure what exactly, but by the time we left the hospital we realized it had been burned or badly scratched during delivery. Over the 3 days we spent in the hospital it became a big, rather ugly scab. Poor baby! Oh, he also had a 1/2 inch scalpel wound to his head, too! I guess it was such a fast delivery that the poor guy got a little roughed up during surgery. Not that we cared, we were just glad he arrived safe and sound. But his poor little nose made him look a bit like a scarecrow. Well over time the unsightly scab started to fall off. My mom dubbed each little falling off piece of scab a "dangling chad," perhaps in honor of last week's election! Every day another dangling chad would fall off and his adorable, sweet nose eventually began to shine through. Yesterday the final dangling chad fell off my darling little boy's nose. He's now absolutely 100% perfect. He has a precious little button nose to go along with his tiny little ears, his bow shaped mouth, and his big almond eyes. I know, it's a little vain to want such perfection in your child, but now that the last dangling chad has fallen off, I can truly say he is absolute perfection. Ah heck, what am I saying?! He was perfection even before the dangling chads fell off! We are madly in love, dangling chad or not.


After...dangling chad is gone

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