Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Week One & Halloween Good Times!

Holden is a week old today. I know it's just 7 short days, but time has flown! At his doctor's appointment on Monday (day 5 of life!) he was up 2 oz. from his birth weight, topping the scales at 6lbs 14oz! Way to go little man. He is such an affable baby. Or maybe we are just more confident as parents. He eats like a fiend, every 2-3 hours. But at night he occasionally goes 4 hours!! We are so excited by this. He has been up 2-3 times a night, eats, and goes back to sleep. I feel like I need to "knock wood" every time I say what a good sleeper he is because I'm afraid I'll eat those words in a few more weeks or months. But he's just so darn sweet. He rarely cries. In fact, last night after we put Jackson to bed Holden was ready to eat and I guess I was taking too long to get ready for a feeding session. He cried out and I said "I'm coming little man, hang on!" Jackson yells from his room "Mommy! Are you ok??!" It was so sweet. Speaking of Jackson - oh my, he is just an angel. Again, I may eat those words in a few more weeks or months (especially after Shawn goes back to work next week), but he loves his brother. I've not seen a sign of jealousy yet. In fact, he's extra sweet. He pushes a few buttons, but nothing out of the ordinary for a 2 year old. He loves on Holden. And Shawn and I can't quit gushing about what a sweet boy he is. I say it all the time, but man oh man, we are so blessed!

Last night was Halloween. Jackson went as Bob the Builder. In my opinion, he is the cutest Bob ever. He was resistant at first, but once he understood he got treats he was raring to go. He and Shawn hit the 'hood with gusto while Holden and I stayed behind to give out treats to the neighborhood kids. Jackson loved trick-or-treating. He had a ball! We had SO many kids stop by the house - we almost ran out of candy! I love this neighborhood. It is so idyllic and sweet, and I love the family-friendly atmosphere. Jackson's favorite "treat" was a huge white eyeball gumball. He didn't know it was gum (he has no idea what gum is). He just liked throwing it around the house like a ball. It's sticky and gross now, but he loves it. We had a great Halloween. I love my family. Again, I am beyond blessed.

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