Thursday, December 14, 2006

Better Days

Oh boy, we have had some much better days the past few days. Whew! I thought I was going to have to retire to an island by myself, one laced with a Thorazine shuffle of sorts. But alas, the boys have redeemed themselves. Jackson's cough is still rough, but he's in a better frame of mind. He's not a royal pain in the tush. We've been building towers from blocks and Pop-Ons, and dancing a lot to The Wiggles. Today I showed him a video from when he was a baby and he kept saying "Baby Holden!" until I finally got him to realize it was him as a baby. Or at least I think he got it. Who knows. He also went "swimming" in the tub today again and had a ball. That may be our new ritual. It makes him happy, which makes me happy!

Holden had a great day yesterday. He napped off and on all day, happy as a clam. He's smiling more and showing a fun little personality. He's still a grump from about 5-7 (sorry Daddy), but once he gets ready for bed don't stop him, he's ready to sleep! This kid is very different than his brother. Hates the sling - Jackson loved it. Loves the Bjourn - Jackson hated it. Hates being swaddled - Jackson loved it. Loves his binkie - Jackson hated it. Sleeps like a champ - Jackson hated it (still does). Both boys - love the boob (sorry, but they do..they are males after all...).

So with that, I can rest assured that bad days will be mixed with good days. My boys are well cared for, well fed (do Cheerios count as lunch?), and well loved. I'm not jumping out any windows. And let me say, even with Holden being cranky during the dinner-hour, I'm SOOOO happy to see my husband when he walks in the door each night. It reminds me I'm not alone in this. He's got my back -- and even a few night feedings as well!

Oh yes, here's proof Holden's a happy fellow:

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