Saturday, December 16, 2006

Can you put a price on naps??

Um, yes, you can. Approximately $150. That's the going price for a nap these days. A package of DD Batteries costs about $10. DD batteries are required for Holden's Nature's Sounds Papasan Swing, which cost about $140 when I bought it new for this baby - one of the few new items I purchased for boy #2. And I love that swing. Those DD batteries, in that amazing, snugly swing, keep my sweet son asleep for hours on end. He loves to swing in it, lulled gently to sleep. Oh sure, I've heard you should "never let them sleep in a swing!" or a bad habit will form. Well, I had to break the swaddle habit of my eldest born at 9 months - yes, 9 months and still swaddled - and that was the "recommended" way to get a baby to sleep by all the modern day experts! It was a rough addiction to break. So now, I say whatever gets my sweet little baby a good long, restful nap, I'm all for it. And besides, he sleeps in his crib at night, so he knows that place as well. But he's asleep within minutes in that swing. Which gives me peace of mind. Gives him a restful sleep. And gives Jackson a mommy who isn't constantly putting a baby to sleep. Win-win for all of us. So you bet there is a price for a nap - approximately $150. (plus additional batteries which will surely be needed in the next few weeks or so, maybe sooner). Best darn $150 we ever spent.

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