Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Little Man

Oh my little man. I know this is a rough time for you. You've been our one and only for so long. I know it's hard to share us, now that your baby brother is here. But hang in there. There are so many good times ahead for you two. For all of us, really. Know that we, your Daddy and I, adore you and love you as much as we always have. And we may not have as much one-on-one time as we used to, but you are still as important to us as you have always been.

You are asserting yourself more, especially in the last few weeks. You are "trying" us. You are pushing limits and pushing buttons. You want to see how far you can go to get just a little more attention. You want to show us that you are a "big boy" and you can do anything and everything "all by yourself!" But you are still our little boy. You still need help tying your shoe. You still need someone to make you breakfast, lunch and dinner (though you can get an apple from the fridge and wash it all by yourself!). You still need someone to buckle your car seat, get your sippy cup, read you stories, and tuck you in at night. And baby boy, we still need you, too.

Tonight, when I went to check on you before getting ready for bed I saw you all curled up, red-car in one hand and your two beloved blankies clutched in the other. It was as if the blankies represented your babyhood and the toy car represented your childhood -- the two at war with each other. You aren't a baby by any means, but you certainly aren't a full grown child yet. Give it time. You are our first, and that is a special honor. So hang in there my little man. Time if flying by and before too long you and that tiny little baby in the room next door will be joining forces to try and outwit and out-smart Mom and Dad (sigh...not even Mommy and Daddy by that point I imagine...). And you'll be so glad to have that kid on your side.

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