Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I was supposed to go to the movies last night. I was supposed to jump in my car, race from the house like it was on fire, and meet up with some human beings over the age of 3. I was supposed to eat popcorn, drink an over-sized diet coke, and have to desperately pee midway through the flick. I was supposed to be an individual for a couple of hours last night. But instead my boys conspired against me. They decided to both get sick. Not just one of them. Both of them. Both of them now require daily (3 times daily for Holden) nebulizer treatments. Both of them require a lot of cuddling, calming and coo-ing. Both require a lot of hugging, snuggling and swaddling (ok, just Holden requires the swaddling). Both of them spit out their medicine even if M&M's follow (ok, just Jackson gets M&M's). Both of them conspired together to stop their mother from having a night off, a night to herself. Maybe that's why I'm in a moody-mood today. Double hrmph! I'm guessing this won't be the first time these two conspire against their mother. I'm guessing this is just the beginning. One day they will not just conspire against me, they will tower over me. Their voices will be deeper than mine. They will weigh more than me (oh God I hope they weigh more than me!). They will overpower me. Not just me, their dad too. It's bound to happen, Shawn and I are vertically challenged individuals, and our children for some inexplicable reason are above average in height. Oh Lord, this is just the beginning. Hrmph!

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