Thursday, January 18, 2007

Damn this snow

I am FED UP with this snow. Seriously, enough is enough! No it's not snowing anymore, or at least not now. But we still have over 3 feet of snow in our front a month after the first storm! I haven't been in the back yard in over a month. Last year this time I was able to take Jackson to the park some afternoons. We haven't been outside - except walking to and from the car - in I don't know how long. Even playing in the snow has worn it's welcome. I'm over it. The pinnacle of my frustration came at the grocery store today. First, grocery carts do not accommodate a baby and a toddler, so much to my dismay, Jackson has to walk through the grocery store. No easy feat. As good as he is about staying by my side during the journey, he often gets clipped by my cart because I can't see over the baby carrier. He's too close! He likes to "help" too which means me finding appropriate sized/shaped items for him to chuck into the cart. He's only 3 feet tall, so he can't really "gently drop" it in. I end up with smooshed bread and battered cracker boxes. Lovely.

Then there's my Holden. My sweet, mellow Holden... who turns into a siren as soon as we get into the store. I don't know what it is, but he loses it in grocery stores. He's usually so amicable, but something about it makes him nuts. So I'm now the lady with the screaming baby and rambunctious toddler that you hate running into at the grocery store. Oh wait, this post was about snow...I I'm leaving the store today, baby crying, trying to hold onto my toddler so some van doesn't run him over because obviously the driver doesn't know what a cross walk is! And I'm doing this all through slushy, bumpy, dirty, disgusting snow. The baby's carrier isn't secure in the cart because those carts are not made to accommodate baby carriers, never mind that MOM'S are the main shoppers using those carts. So I'm trying to navigate the cart; I can't see over the baby carrier; I'm trying to keep the carrier from falling (good Lord!); I'm trying to keep my toddler from running into traffic; and the (&$#($&(#@ cart is wobbling through this )#&U($%*#(* snow that is STILL here a month later. Some 80 year old woman is now helping me to my car - somehow I can't help but feel it should be the other way around! Can you tell I'm frustrated??? Giving birth to my first was easier than a trip to the grocery store these days. Especially in this damn, cursed snow.

If I ever wondered what it would be like to live at a ski resort, I now know... except I'm not spending my day on a snowboard, I'm not sipping hot cocoa, I'm not sitting by a roaring fire with a cute toboggan on my head, and I'm definitely not enjoying the peace and solitude of a snowy, winter's afternoon... but hey, our monthly mortgage payment is probably one night's stay in Vail, so at least in that respect, I'm ahead.

I hate this snow.

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