Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Giving me permission

Jackson has taken to giving me permission to do things.

"Mommy, you can read me another story if you want!"
"Mommy, you can be Muck if you want!" (from Bob the Builder)
"Mommy, you can have a cookie if you want!"
"Mommy, you can get me more oatmeal if you want!"
"Mommy, you can play with me if you want!"
etc, etc, etc...

It's quite commical. In other words, "you can do this mom, because I want you to and if I say it cutely, you'll agree with me and do what I say." It's early mind games on behalf of my 32 month old, and it's working. He's clever, and he knows it. And again I echo the sentiment that seems to plague every other thought I have -- boy oh boy are we in trouble with this kid!

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