Monday, January 22, 2007

The Nap Bank

I wish I could go back in time, scoop up all the naps I fought or missed when I was a small child, and put them in a "Nap Bank" to use at a later time. Forget time travel, I just want a Nap Bank. That way whenever I'm tired, I just make a withdrawal - say 30 minutes from a nap I missed in 1976. Sounds good to me. Sure, I guess I could lie down for a quick snooze on the rare occasions when my boys nap at the same time, but that is becoming very rare indeed as Jackson boycotts naps most afternoons these days (such as, oh, right now!! "Jackson - go to sleep!") But if I did lie down while they were both napping my mind would race to the million things I need to be doing - call Allstate, fold the laundry, do the lunch dishes (and breakfast), clean the bathtubs, return Lisa's call (sorry friend, I'm lame!), order a filter for the fridge, etc, etc...and I'd never nap. Or the day I did get a few zzzz's, I'd be asleep for approximately 58 seconds and one of the kids would wake up, sending my brain into utter dismay and confusion - "what time is it? where am I? who am I????!!!" So instead of all of the above, I listen to Jackson playing with his trucks rather than napping, and I daydream of a time when I was actually told to "go lie down and go to sleep!" The Nap Bank has huge revenue potential. If I could just figure the logistics of storing those naps, moms everywhere would be lining up for a withdrawal...or maybe I should refer to it as a "hit" - sounds more like a drug (and a wonderful one at that!).

Jackson, go to sleep - right now!

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