Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Things I Love

A list of things I am currently in love with. Note: things, not people - it's pretty obvious I'm madly in love with my family! :-)

(oh, and forgive my materialism, but alas, I am a material girl living in a material world...)

1. Kashi TLC Trailmix Granola Bars - these things are divine! They have huge almonds in them and it's like snacking on yummy, nutty, fruity trail mix, but lower in calories. I have one daily, and sometimes two.

2. Corinne Bailey Rae - her CD rocks! I bought it in Texas for my 10 hour drive home, and I haven't taken it out of my CD player yet. Jackson knows the songs so well that when she was singing on Oprah a week or so ago he turned to me and said "that's like Mommy's song!!" Her sound is so melodic and beautiful and pure. I just love her to pieces! And she's cute as a bug, too! Favorite tracks: 1, 3 and 9 - especially love 9 right now.

3. Diet Coke - explanation not necessary

4. Our new Pottery Barn Julia bedside tables. At last our bedroom feels like a grown up room, not an IKEA cast off. Don't' get me wrong, I love (and miss!) IKEA, but these tables are so beautiful and so elegant. They make me smile when I see them -- even at 1:00 in the morning when I'm waking up to nurse a crying baby.

5. My (or rather our) Subaru Forester, complete with Thule box on top. Yes, it's a 2001, 6 years old, and covered with Goldfish Cracker crumbs. But it's a totally sturdy car, drives through this cruddy snow like a breeze, carries 2 carseats, two grown ups, and all the stuff that accompanies this family of four. And it's paid for - which makes me love it even more!

6. Anything Black and White - the toile fabric used in our playroom, the photos in the hallway, the cheapie sketches we picked up in London a few years back. I love black and white, it makes me feel good just seeing this color combo (or rather lack of color combo).

7. My MSN mommy-message board. I've known some of the women there for over 3 years, and they are my daily sanity break. I love that I can hop online for a quick break and there is always someone there making me laugh or cry or both. (ok these are people, but the board is the "thing" so I get to list it)

8. Sunshine on the snow. It's beautiful. And it reminds me that eventually, one day, it is going to melt.

9. Grey's Anatomy. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The Office. 30 Rock.

10. My 2 pairs of Dansko clogs. The brown ones look like they've been through a war, and the black ones are slowly getting there. But these shoes are the best shoes I've ever put on my feet. There's a reason doctors, nurses and chefs wear them - they are COMFORTABLE with a capital C! And they give me an extra inch or two in the height department. That rocks.

11. Dryer's Double Churned low-fat Ice-cream, especially the caramel flavor. Tastes like the full-fat stuff. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.

12. My weekly playgroup. OK, yes, technically "people" but it encompasses so much that I can list it. I get to talk to grownups for 2 whole hours and Jackson gets to have fun playing with kids his age. And between the four of us gals, we have some darn cute kiddos at that! I'm pretty sure this is what I look forward to doing most all week.

13. Barilla pre-made Italian meals (recommended to me by my friend Carissa, see #12). Shawn and I make this treat a couple times a week after the kids are in bed. These are not your mama's frozen dinners! They are delicious dinners for two, ready in 10 minutes, and sooooo freaking good you'll just melt!

14. Clean laundry. Sure, I have to do it all, but once it's done (usually on Monday's) it's done and I don't think about it again for at least 4-5 days.

15. OK, truthfully, I'm thankful for my life. The people who are in it, near and far. I have a beautiful family - a loving husband, wonderful kiddos, great extended family. My friends make me smile, whether they are here in Colorado, far away in Seattle, or virtual. We live in a great neighborhood, in a house that is spacious and comfortable. We have access to great education for our kids. Fun activities for our family. I'm so blessed. I don't have to remind myself of this because I'm in it every day. And oh truly, truly, what a blessed life it is. I love it!

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