Monday, February 12, 2007

Big day

Today was a big day in our house. I woke up early...well, OK, Jackson and Holden woke us up early. Hopped in the shower. Fed the baby. I was in the car by 8am. Mom watched the boys. I raced to Perry street, turned into the non-decrepit office park...and waited. I drummed my fingers. Drank my coffee. Looked at the clock. An hour to go. I was the first one there. I flipped through a magazine. A sign went up. Then a stack of applications. I jumped out of the car and grabbed the first one. I was still the only one waiting, so not sure my hurry. I filled it out. Wrote a check. Anxious. The sign said "Returning at 9:10." I still had 30 minutes to wait. Continued to wait with nervous anticipation. Other cars started to show up. I was getting more nervous. Should I wait at the door instead of my car? Should I hold my first place standing in line? I didn't want to look like an idiot - there weren't that many cars. But around 9:00 a slow stream of cars started to fill in and I knew I needed to act fast. This was important! I didn't get there first to give my place away to someone more assertive than I! Suddenly another note went up on the door "Accepting Applications at 9:00AM." My clock said 9:03. I leaped out of my car like a rocket, the first one to the door. Safe! My application was in. Ms.Tammy glanced at my selections. "Oh," she said, with a generous smile "I can tell you now you got the time and day you want." "Ahhhh! Thank you!" I exclaimed. "Thank you!" I pretty much flew to my car, beyond excited -- we'd "made it."

My. Son. Is. Officially. Registered for preschool.

I can just imagine what college registration is going to be like. Shew!

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