Friday, February 09, 2007

Fresh air at last

Shh....Listen....hear that? That's the sound of my son inhaling fresh, room air at last!! WOO-HOO! I just got the ok to take Holden completely off the oxygen!!!!!!!! We had a great night last night, his oxygen levels stayed in the 90's most of the night. We checked on him a lot, but he only woke 2X to nurse (he didn't even wake when we were attaching the machine to his foot!). We had recently got him to waking to nurse only once a night, so we're backtracking a little, but after the past 2 weeks we'll take the 2X waking any day. I'm such a happy mama today, and he is SO much happier w/o the damn tubes in his nose. He's been smiling all day. I even got a nap in! I pray we are all on the road to health again. What a scary week. But I'm soooooo happy he's off the O2 for good!!! Ahhhh, fresh air at last!

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