Monday, February 26, 2007


Today I caught my boys holding hands. We were sitting on the couch. Holden was a little sleepy because he got his 4 month shots today (poor baby!!). I wasn't feeling very well so I gave Jackson some mellow time and had "The Little Einsteins" going on the tube. Holden was in my lap; Jackson was snuggled up next to me (a rarity in its own right). I looked down and saw Holden's chubby little hand wrapped around Jackson's slender little fingers. They were also giving each other little side-smiles and coos. It's safe to say it made me weepy. All the rough days we've had since Holden's illness sort of melted away in that little, tiny moment. It was precious. And much needed. It reminded me of all the good times ahead of us. And how much these two boys are going to depend on one another. And how very much I am blessed that I was chosen to be their mommy.

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