Thursday, February 08, 2007


This blog will have a ton of mispellings because we are all very tired in this house and I'm too lazy to check the smeppling. Our poor boy. Last Wednesady he wasn't getting any better so I took him to the ER. I'm so lgad I did. He had rsv and they admitted him immediately. Imagine your 14 week old with an ozxygen mask and an IV strapped to his arm. I cried a lot. So did he. We were there until Saturday. I loved the nurses - well most of them, except the one that flashed a flashlight in his eyes at 5am after I'd just put him back to sleep. I wanted to shove that flashlight down her throat. But most of the nurses were amazing. And apparently fighting ove rwho got our room 'cause our kiddo is a cute little peanut. Anyway. He is such a fighter. We're home now, still on oxygen. He hates the tubing and so do we. None of us are sleeping. Literally, Shawn and I slept 2 hours total last night. if Holden wasn't awak Jackson was. Ooops, he's up, I gotta run. more latr. Poor baby. Poor baby...

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