Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Raising boys II: or Maybe I should have experienced today before I got all mushy about my first born yesterday...

I was upstairs nursing Holden this morning. He is at an age where he gets very distracted while he's eating, so I have to nurse him in his darkened room. Jackson was downstairs but I could hear him so I knew everything was OK. I could hear Jackson running back and forth from the kitchen, through the dining room, and into the family room - it's all one big long room. I kept hearing him say "Mommy I need some water!" over and over. But I couldn't interrupt the baby or I'd never get back on track. I knew there were sippy cups scattered all throughout the house, so he'd find one eventually. He then yelled up to me could he have water in his big boy cup. We're trying to get him off the sippy cup and onto real cups, so he had drunk milk in a real cup this morning, and it was sitting empty on the kitchen table. Well, no harm letting him fill it up at the fridge, right? "SURE!" I yelled, just so he wouldn't come in and disturb us.

I finish up with Holden, put him down for a nap, and come down stairs... just in time to see Jackson in the family room standing over our ottoman saying "I'm pouring water on the red car!" Oh my God! He was dumping water on my carpet and furniture!!!! There was a trail of water, tons of it, leading from the fridge water dispenser, through our dining area, and into the family room. The tile in the kitchen and dining room didn't bother me. It was the water soaking into my carpet and furniture that lit a fire under my ass. But I actually remained very calm. I surprised myself (and Shawn when I called and told him) how calm I remained. I wasn't sure if I should even be mad since we never told him specifically not to do something like that. I was also in shock, laughing just a little bit, and not sure how to handle it!

I told him we do NOT dump water on furniture or carpets, EVER, and then made him help me clean up the floors. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! He actually helped clean up very nicely, so maybe it was good I didn't lose it on him. But its safe to say that there's a reason I turn on Playhouse Disney in our room (just across the hall from Holden's room) when I nurse. My eldest is not yet to be trusted on his own. And the fridge water dispenser should always be locked.

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