Thursday, March 01, 2007


When did my little boy turn 8?? Seriously, he acts like an 8 year old sometimes, not a 3 year old. He surprises me a lot these days with his maturity. Or maybe not maturity, but silliness that "makes sense." Before he would act silly and I had no idea what it meant or why he was acting silly. Now it seems to make perfect sense and be appropriate. I'm not even sure that makes sense.

Tonight we had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I amnot a huge fan of that place. It is stimulation overload. But fortunately it is a weeknight so not quite as busy / crazy. It was Jackson's buddy Jack's 3rd birthday. Jack has a 6 year old brother and there were a lot of other 5-8 year old kids at the party, besides all the 3 year olds. All the toddlers are sitting, calmly eating their pizza. The older kids are all on the mini-stage dancing. Jackson looks at me wide-eyed, and asks if he can go dance. At first I said "No, eat your pizza." Then I thought, why the heck not?? Let the kid dance! So I sent him up to dance. He jumped up and down like he was in a mini-mosh pit. He was laughing and jumping and dancing and having a great time. Suddenly all the other toddlers noticed his antics and before long the stage was filled with kids of all ages. Everyone of them was dancing and yelling and jumping up and down. It was priceless!! At one point I was talking to another mom who I'd just met and Jackson came over and asked HER if she would dance with him. Not me. Her! She declined, but it made me realize I have worrisome future ahead of me. The girls in his life are gonna love this guy, seriously. And it won't be 30-something moms he's asking to dance.

Ho-hum, he's growing up way to fast.

Oh, and PS - Chuck E. Cheese + 4 month old = beyond over stimulation!!!!!!!!!!

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