Friday, March 09, 2007

My friend Laurie rocks

I have this friend. Her name is Laurie. She's a Seattle friend. She' s post-baby friend. Well, actually, she's a during-baby friend. Shawn and I met Laurie and Gary in birth class when I was pregnant with Jackson and she was pregnant with her gorgeous daughter Dylan. You know when you are in that type of situation, a bunch of strangers thrust together because of one common circumstance? Well usually you look around and try and find the FP's in the group. The "Friend Potentials." 'Cause you get stuck with a mish-mash of personalities and it is best to find FP's quickly so you don't get stuck sitting next to the couple who's husband takes his (smelly) shoes off every class, and who's wife always has a relateable story to every single birth-scenario topic that comes up (you know how I'm talking about Laurie!). So Laurie and Gary were our FP's from class. And as fate would have it, our children happened to enter this world on the same exact day just hours apart. (Dylan is the older of the two, by a couple of hours, which is why I'm convinced she's potty trained and Jackson is not). Anyway, after our kids were born so close together, it sealed the deal. We all became fast friends and watched our babies grow the first year of their lives. Then we moved. And we missed Laurie and Gary and Dylan and Mo (the dog). We still miss them.

So the reason Laurie rocks. She sent me a card the other day. It was a sweet, simple gesture. She'd read my blog about how I was having a rough day/week/month/life and she sent me a card to check on me. Sure we email quickly in between our crazy, busy lives. But this gesture just made my day/week/month. And it reminded me how lucky I am to have the great friends I have in my life. Even the ones 100's of miles away.

So thanks Laurie. You rock.

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