Thursday, March 29, 2007


My boys are starting to notice each other. Well, Holden is starting to notice his brother Jackson. (Jackson noticed Holden a long time ago) But its wonderful to see them catch eyes, or laugh at one another, or share a kiss. I love when Jackson hears Holden waking up from nap - he runs into his room, throws on the lights, turns off the humidifier and smiles and coos and hugs his brother tightly. And Holden - oh man - when he sees Jackson he busts into a grin to beat all grins. He adores his big brother. It makes me smile. It takes my breath away. And reminds me why we decided to expand our craziness to two kiddos in the first place!

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zjoeynosmom said...

Your boys are just absolute cutie-pies! You take great pictures and really capture their personalities!!

(Amandarea11 from MSN)