Friday, March 02, 2007

Red curtains

This afternoon I was trying to put Holden down for his nap. He wasn't really in a napping mood. I was nursing him and he kept looking up, slyly smiling at me, and then he'd bust into a giggle when he caught my eye. He was totally playing a game. Finally I just said "ah forget it!" and pulled him up to my face to smother with kisses. He was cooing and ahhing all over the place. Then his eyes caught a glimpse of his curtains and he was instantly mesmerized. They are red denim curtains and they cast a sort of rosy, pink glow in his room when they are closed. He stared so hard at the curtains, then reached his hand to touch them. Obviously the most luxurious fabric in the world! He touched them, pulled his face into them, fluttered his little eyes as they caressed it. It was such a priceless moment. I never knew plain old red, denim fabric could create such a perfect little moment. But it did.

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