Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Sleep Fairy

Last night I was exhausted. It was an exhausting day. Period. I just wanted to sink into my bed and sleep. I did so, at 9:15. 9:20, Holden woke up. Now, he had just gone down at 6:30, and I knew he was not hungry so early. And I couldn't move. Could. Not. Move. I was that tired. So I let him cry. He fussed. That was all. Off and on for awhile. I don't really know how long because I fell asleep - so obviously it was a quiet cry. I awake to the sound of Jackson turning over in the room next to us at night, so it truly was a quiet cry. Shawn thought I'd gone in and fed him since he stopped crying. At midnight I heard him cry again - this time it was definitely for milk. I obliged; 6 hours is long enough for a breastfed baby to go without noshing. I fed him quickly. Went back to bed. Suddenly I looked at the clock. It was 5am. !!!!! I shot out of bed. Surely Holden had suffocated. Surely he was starving to death. He hadn't gone that long without eating since before his hospital stay. I laid there panicking. I couldn't go back to sleep. Shawn was in the other room sleeping because his snoring is driving me insane (that's for another post) - so he wasn't there to calm my nerves. I laid there waiting to hear a peep. I was so worried something was wrong with him. I had left his furry tiger Mr Growlers in the crib with him and surely he had choked on it. I slipped quietly in his room to check on him - I had to - and heard him sucking his hand. He was alive!! I slipped back to my bed. A few minutes later, around 5:45, I heard the cry. It was so soft. And probably I could have left him to fuss a bit. But I was so full of milk I could barely stand the discomfort. So I went to him. I nursed him and cuddled him. And when he was done I put him back to bed and sunk back into my own. A few minutes later I heard him laughing. Yes, laughing! I'm pretty sure he and the sleep fairy were having a good laugh at my expense. This went on for another few minutes. And then I heard silence. I drifted back into my slumber. At 7:45 Shawn propped Holden onto my lap. They'd been up since 7:00 playing. And my sweet little guy was in the happiest mood.

Thank you sleep fairy!! Come back again tonight and I'll leave you a box of Girl Scout Cookies!!

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