Saturday, April 14, 2007

3.5 Mil

I had a dream last night that I "won" 3.5 million dollars from my older employer, Real. Weird. I'm sure I had this dream because I was recently invited to join their alumni website. Also, I'm guessing, this dream was the manifestation of my "once upon a dream" of making a lot of money from my RN shares. Pan left to the bubble bursting. My fortune didn't happen. So there I was in my dream with my "won" 3.5 million. And in my dream I flat out told Shawn - "We're out of here! Let's buy our dream house in Ballard (a neighborhood in Seattle) and blow this popsicle stand!" Now the reality is that I do love Castle Rock. I think it is a totally cute town, and a great place to raise our boys. But alas, obviously my internal workings have another agenda. They continue to miss the green, floral lushness of that town we once called our own. I don't know what our future holds for us, but obviously there is no real 3.5 million that are going to get us back there anytime soon. Plus, well, we do have a home and a life here now. Maybe if I plant enough tulip bulbs next fall I'll have my "Seattle-spring" right here in my own back yard this time next year. I'm thinking about 3.5 million bulbs ought to do the trick.

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