Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Storytime and Peas

Two BIG events in our house today:

1. Jackson sat through his first full story time at the library!! This might not seem like a huge feat to some, but for my wild-child, it's huge! We have tried doing story time several times over the past few years, but Jackson doesn't like to sit still. I can't blame him. A kid's gotta move! But I have always watched the other kids sit there so quietly and enjoy the story time, and wondered what it would be like to watch my own child enjoy that activity. I love books. My Granny was a librarian, plus all the educators in my family -well, it's ingrained in me to love books. I want my children to love them, too. And Jackson does love to read... at home. He'll memorize books after just a couple of reads. (My mom is amazed by this talent. I think it is pretty cute myself.) But get that kid in a group setting for story time and forget about it! He does not want to sit still! So we gave up story time last year and now just check out books and look for the dolphin statue when we are at the library.

Today we were there getting some books to take home with us. Jackson noticed all the other kids sitting in the reading room listening to stories. It had been over a year since I tried taking him to story time. He looked at me wide-eyed as if to say "What are they doing in there?!" I smiled and told him he could go in and listen if he wanted. He smiled an enormous grin and sat down on the brightly colored rug with all the other kids. He listened so attentively. And when it was time to participate - with songs or hand motions, there was my kiddo, happily joining in. He was the most excited child in the room. The other moms were giggling at how excited he was -- as was I. I was never so proud of him! When it was all over he jumped up and down shouting "Hurray!" and clapping his hands. He even looked confused that the other kids weren't all shouting and clapping as well. The librarian even stopped to tell me how good he did! I beamed! And called Shawn right away to share the good news. Maybe he won't get kicked out of preschool after all!

2. Holden ate peas today and loved them.

Big day, big day...

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