Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gas for Johnny Cash

I just asked Jackson to come upstairs to get dressed and brush his teeth. He told me he couldn't. I asked why. He told me he was "getting gas for Johnny Cash." OK....that I had to see. I went downstairs and saw him pretending to fill up the toy rocket ship of "Jimmy Neutron" which I suppose he mistook for Johnny Cash. That's awesome.

Gas for Johnny Cash!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tastes like chicken

Jackson. Oh my Jackson. Today you went over the top - you bit your brother. BIT him! I was nursing Holden after we got back from the park this AM, and I thought you were trying to give his toe a kiss. "Ahh, how sweet!" I thought. I thought wrong. Two seconds later your harmless 7 month old brother was howling in pain with a big tooth mark on his foot and you stood there grinning ear to ear. I can't even describe how angry I was. Come on buddy, cut your brother (and your mama!) some slack. I've seen you hit, push, swat and scratch your brother many times in the past several months. It's upsetting to say the least. I send you to your room. You are in tears. He is in tears. Often, I am in tears, too. I wish I understood it more big guy. Oh, I know you are jealous of him, and miss our days of it just being you and me...but he ain't going anywhere fella, so you best get used to it. I want to find a way to let you know you are still my baby, too, but you are growing and changing so much. It's rare I see that "baby" in you anymore. You've always been an independent spirit, but now you seem confused by it all. I hear that three is tough. Yeah, I think I agree. I want to help you through this, but little dude, when you bite your defenseless brother, all I can do is throw my hands up at it. But watch out Jack. 'Cause your little brother is cutting his first two teeth right now. And before too long, he's gonna be able to bite back...and I might just have my head turned when it happens. Watch out big guy!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chef Holden

Friday, May 25, 2007

Beastie Boys

"No, Sleep, Til Brooklyn!" -- Beastie Boys

"No, Sleep, No Broccoli!" -- Jackson James


"...You gotta fight, for your right, to paaarrrrtttyy!" -- Beastie Boys

"...You gotta fight, for your right, to use the pooooootty!" -- Jackson James

Oh man, I love this kid.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nothing clever to say

I seem to have run out of anything clever to say (that is if there was anything clever on this blog before...). I think the three year old in my house has sucked the funny out of me. Oh HE'S funny, but I'm not sure I have any funny left. Actually, let me think, I'm sure he said something funny today...

Ah yes, today we went to Barnes and Noble so Jackson could pick out a book with the money his step-Great-Grandmother, BJ, gave him for his birthday. We talked about our adventure all week and were very excited by it. I was intrigued to see what he would pick out, completely on his own. My guess would be that it would have a wheel of some sort in it. Well somehow Jackson got it in his head that we were also going to Target so he could buy a scoop truck - "the little one" he reminded me. I have no idea where this came from. My guess is that sometime when we were at Target he saw a scoop truck and I probably told him he should ask for it for his birthday, so that he would quit asking me for it. Well here we are 3 weeks past his birthday and he still remembers that. we are preparing to leave. I have to explicitly lay out for Jackson what our day entails so that there are no surprises that send him into a tailspin of tears. So I stared into his baby blues and clearly stated:

"Jackson, we are going to put on our shoes and get in the car and go to the bookstore so you can pick out a book to buy with your birthday money from BJ."

He looks at me a little blankly. Hanging on to my words as if to say "...and then???" He was waiting for more. I didn't say anything else so he responds in one big breath (before I can get any word in edgewise):

"...And then we are going to the Target where I will buy the little scoop with my birthday money from BJ, and well, yea, that would be a good idea. great!"

I'm dumbfounded because he has just edged my plans completely, and done so with such panache. I couldn't do anything but laugh and say:

"Well, we'll see if we have time for that."

To which he responds:

"Yea, well, we'll see - we should have time actually."

Trump. The boy wins.

epilogue: So we went to Barnes and Noble. We read many books and played with the train table there. The train table that is almost identical to the train table at our house. Except this train table has magical powers that cause all children to lose their minds and collapse in a puddle of tears when their parents tell them it is time to leave, despite giving a 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minute warning. And that is precisely what happened. Tears and screaming and crying because he had to leave the train table that we have at home. So I scooped up both boys and drug them out of the store without even buying a book. And we did not stop at Target to buy a scoop truck either. Trump. Mommy wins....well, not really, I had to listen to the tears about the train table 1/2 the way home. Then my son trumps me by screaming:

" I WANT MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!"

The other 1/2 of the way home. Trump. The boy wins. And this is why I have no funny left in me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sitting pretty

Our handsome dude is now officially sitting up on his own. Yippee!! He's 7 months on Friday and I was starting to worry he was going to be lying down until he was 7 years old! I can see that he really enjoys this new found freedom. He loves reaching for toys, especially age inappropriate toys like his brother's matchbox cars! And when he reaches a toy that is just a little bit out of his reach, he has a look of such sheer pride and accomplishment. I love the freedom it gives me because I can leave him to play while I get a few things done by myself -- like, oh, go to the bathroom!

Way to go little dude! You rock.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jack the Driller

View this montage created at One True Media
Jackson the Driller

Jackson got a new set of tools for his 3rd birthday from his OP and Cracker. They are just like real tools, which he demonstrated for us this AM. That being said, I think really he just likes to see himself on the screen of the camera.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Beer and pizza

It was one of those days. I'm finding three to be incredibly challenging. There seems to be a lot of power struggles going on in our house. And I don't mean between Shawn and me. Oh boy. So tonight I ordered us a pizza. I'm too exhausted/run-down/defeated. By the way, Stumpy's pizza rocks. And I finished it off with a Pacifico (for me). Extra nice.

A funny from my "no I'm the boss" three year old: I had sun-dried tomatoes on the pizza. I've never ordered it with them before but I love them so I treated myself. Jackson ate one and said "mmmm, those are yummy red-raisins!" Ahhh...that alone almost makes up for the day we had...almost!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I love my bed

I do, I really love my bed. OK, our bed. I love our bed. I have really grown to love it even more now that I see it less and less. Ah yes, the babe is not sleeping so great these days. He has me up more than I care to admit. And I know that CIO (a debate for another day) is shortly in our future. But I haven't been able to fully commit to it yet for this child. So alas, I get up and nurse, then I climb back into our comfy bed and fall into a slumber. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I sink back into it time and time again!

Shawn brought that bed to our relationship. That and "Hank" our garden Gargoyle are pretty much the two biggies he contributed to our household. The bed is a modest queen size. It is not a king. It's a queen. And while we would love a king size bed, we can't part with the wonderful bedding we have. So we live with the queen. It's a Vanna White special, so you know it has to be good. All the bedding is to die for. There's the feather topper that came with the bed. Then the feather bed we added after we married. Oh to sink into that, well, it is heaven! Top it with the softest sheets I've ever felt (Dillard's Noble Excellence sheets are excellent!) and a delicious down filled comforter....ahhh...bliss. And the pillows are at the perfect stage of squishiness. You practically float into this bed. In fact, my boys both love to squish into it while I'm trying to make it. It's like a cloud. It rarely stays made until Shawn gets home from work, they are always rolling around in it.

So as long as Mr.H continues keeping me up at night, well, I will be thankful for Vanna White's special, and the best bed-squish ever.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I am jealous of my husband. I admit it.

Jackson is a huge daddy's boy. Always has been really. I have to admit though, that has he's gotten older and more verbal, it's starting to hurt my feelings. It's silly, because he's just 3, but I can't help it. Nine times out of ten, he wants and asks for his Daddy. I do so much for my son - I cook, clean, sing, dance, make up games and songs, plan activities, make muffins, make beds, set up play dates, plant flowers, pick up poo that doesn't make it to the potty....and yet, it is Daddy he wants. All day long Jackson tells me how much he loves and misses his Daddy. He cries when Shawn leaves for work. He is elated and celebratory when he returns from work. The tears at bedtime when he says goodnight to Shawn would break anyone's heart.

He won't kiss me goodnight anymore, just Daddy. He boots me from his room so they can have their "goodnight dance." I told him earlier today that I loved him and asked him if he loved me and he said "Actually, I love Daddy best." Ouch.

I know he's just going through a major Daddy phase, but it hurts. I should be happy - Shawn is such a wonderful father, and I know that is a huge reason why my son is such a daddy's boy. He is so much fun and loves to play and talk and dance and read to him. I'm so lucky in that respect. I know most mom's would love a husband as attentive as he is. But sadly, I feel jealous that my son would rather be with him than me if given a choice. I guess that's the way it goes for this stay-at-home-mama... maybe I should have continued working. At least then I'd be missed...

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Happy Birthday Big Guy! We love you...

We had such a fun day today for your third birthday Jackson. It was rainy all morning, but about an hour before your friends arrived, the sun came out and shone just for you. You were so excited to see all your friends and their mommies and daddies. Not to mention Grammy, Nana, and Grandpa who all came for a special birthday visit. There were 12 of your nearest and dearest friends to help celebrate your birthday party. You all played in your new sandbox, and ran around like the crazy, fun kids you are! The highlight of the day was a visit from a real firetruck and real firemen! You were a little bashful at first, but then you didn't want them to leave. The only way we got you back into the house was the lure of your firetruck birthday cake that Mommy made for you. You made a wish and blew out the #3 candle -- but I already got my wish big guy. You. My sweet little (big) boy, born three years ago, today.


And, alas, you...on this day, 3 years ago....


Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Yup, that sounds about right....


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The good, the bad, the three's....

We are counting down the days to three. Three more to go...but truthfully, he's already into them. I have a friend who told me that yes, it is the terrible two's...but alas, it is the #)&$@)@*$ (expletive) three's! I think I agree. So here's my list of the good and the bad that goes with being a precocious three year old boy!

The Good:

  • I can carry on a conversation with you that makes sense

  • Sitting on the front steps eating popsicle's -- and you deciding you want mine instead of yours

  • You have a strong opinion about everything

  • You can tell a joke and get the punchline dead-on

  • You are devilishly handsome

  • I no longer worry that you will fall and bust your head open at the playground...well, not as much

  • You have friends that you love playing with and being around

  • You recognize faces and are polite to friend and strangers alike

  • You love me

  • You ADORE your Daddy

  • You think your baby brother is "soooo cute!"

  • You can memorize books in just a couple of reads, so I get to have you "read" to me now

  • You are smart as a whip!

  • You are almost 100% potty trained...almost

  • You are my sweet little boy

The Bad:

  • You know how to talk back and sass me

  • You have given up nap time...

  • Thus, you are often overtired so bed time is a battle

  • You have a strong opinion about everything

  • You are sometimes a little too aggressive and I worry that you'll get kicked out of preschool for it

  • You are too smart for your own good sometimes

  • You sometimes potty on the carpet...and tell me you did it "on purpose"

  • You sometimes hit your brother...and tell me you did it "on purpose"

  • You have selective hearing

  • You have a very loud voice when you scream....and you like to scream
  • You bat your eyelashes and I forgive your flaws

But baby, I love ya through it all. Thick and thin. Welcome to three sweet's gonna be a wild ride!