Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The good, the bad, the three's....

We are counting down the days to three. Three more to go...but truthfully, he's already into them. I have a friend who told me that yes, it is the terrible two's...but alas, it is the #)&$@)@*$ (expletive) three's! I think I agree. So here's my list of the good and the bad that goes with being a precocious three year old boy!

The Good:

  • I can carry on a conversation with you that makes sense

  • Sitting on the front steps eating popsicle's -- and you deciding you want mine instead of yours

  • You have a strong opinion about everything

  • You can tell a joke and get the punchline dead-on

  • You are devilishly handsome

  • I no longer worry that you will fall and bust your head open at the playground...well, not as much

  • You have friends that you love playing with and being around

  • You recognize faces and are polite to friend and strangers alike

  • You love me

  • You ADORE your Daddy

  • You think your baby brother is "soooo cute!"

  • You can memorize books in just a couple of reads, so I get to have you "read" to me now

  • You are smart as a whip!

  • You are almost 100% potty trained...almost

  • You are my sweet little boy

The Bad:

  • You know how to talk back and sass me

  • You have given up nap time...

  • Thus, you are often overtired so bed time is a battle

  • You have a strong opinion about everything

  • You are sometimes a little too aggressive and I worry that you'll get kicked out of preschool for it

  • You are too smart for your own good sometimes

  • You sometimes potty on the carpet...and tell me you did it "on purpose"

  • You sometimes hit your brother...and tell me you did it "on purpose"

  • You have selective hearing

  • You have a very loud voice when you scream....and you like to scream
  • You bat your eyelashes and I forgive your flaws

But baby, I love ya through it all. Thick and thin. Welcome to three sweet boy...it's gonna be a wild ride!


zjoeynosmom said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson! I'll agree that 3 is much more challenging than 2. But 4 is easier than 3, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Tales from the Crib said...

Thank you...and I sure hope so!!!! :-)