Friday, May 11, 2007

I love my bed

I do, I really love my bed. OK, our bed. I love our bed. I have really grown to love it even more now that I see it less and less. Ah yes, the babe is not sleeping so great these days. He has me up more than I care to admit. And I know that CIO (a debate for another day) is shortly in our future. But I haven't been able to fully commit to it yet for this child. So alas, I get up and nurse, then I climb back into our comfy bed and fall into a slumber. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I sink back into it time and time again!

Shawn brought that bed to our relationship. That and "Hank" our garden Gargoyle are pretty much the two biggies he contributed to our household. The bed is a modest queen size. It is not a king. It's a queen. And while we would love a king size bed, we can't part with the wonderful bedding we have. So we live with the queen. It's a Vanna White special, so you know it has to be good. All the bedding is to die for. There's the feather topper that came with the bed. Then the feather bed we added after we married. Oh to sink into that, well, it is heaven! Top it with the softest sheets I've ever felt (Dillard's Noble Excellence sheets are excellent!) and a delicious down filled comforter....ahhh...bliss. And the pillows are at the perfect stage of squishiness. You practically float into this bed. In fact, my boys both love to squish into it while I'm trying to make it. It's like a cloud. It rarely stays made until Shawn gets home from work, they are always rolling around in it.

So as long as Mr.H continues keeping me up at night, well, I will be thankful for Vanna White's special, and the best bed-squish ever.

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