Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nothing clever to say

I seem to have run out of anything clever to say (that is if there was anything clever on this blog before...). I think the three year old in my house has sucked the funny out of me. Oh HE'S funny, but I'm not sure I have any funny left. Actually, let me think, I'm sure he said something funny today...

Ah yes, today we went to Barnes and Noble so Jackson could pick out a book with the money his step-Great-Grandmother, BJ, gave him for his birthday. We talked about our adventure all week and were very excited by it. I was intrigued to see what he would pick out, completely on his own. My guess would be that it would have a wheel of some sort in it. Well somehow Jackson got it in his head that we were also going to Target so he could buy a scoop truck - "the little one" he reminded me. I have no idea where this came from. My guess is that sometime when we were at Target he saw a scoop truck and I probably told him he should ask for it for his birthday, so that he would quit asking me for it. Well here we are 3 weeks past his birthday and he still remembers that. we are preparing to leave. I have to explicitly lay out for Jackson what our day entails so that there are no surprises that send him into a tailspin of tears. So I stared into his baby blues and clearly stated:

"Jackson, we are going to put on our shoes and get in the car and go to the bookstore so you can pick out a book to buy with your birthday money from BJ."

He looks at me a little blankly. Hanging on to my words as if to say "...and then???" He was waiting for more. I didn't say anything else so he responds in one big breath (before I can get any word in edgewise):

"...And then we are going to the Target where I will buy the little scoop with my birthday money from BJ, and well, yea, that would be a good idea. great!"

I'm dumbfounded because he has just edged my plans completely, and done so with such panache. I couldn't do anything but laugh and say:

"Well, we'll see if we have time for that."

To which he responds:

"Yea, well, we'll see - we should have time actually."

Trump. The boy wins.

epilogue: So we went to Barnes and Noble. We read many books and played with the train table there. The train table that is almost identical to the train table at our house. Except this train table has magical powers that cause all children to lose their minds and collapse in a puddle of tears when their parents tell them it is time to leave, despite giving a 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minute warning. And that is precisely what happened. Tears and screaming and crying because he had to leave the train table that we have at home. So I scooped up both boys and drug them out of the store without even buying a book. And we did not stop at Target to buy a scoop truck either. Trump. Mommy wins....well, not really, I had to listen to the tears about the train table 1/2 the way home. Then my son trumps me by screaming:

" I WANT MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!"

The other 1/2 of the way home. Trump. The boy wins. And this is why I have no funny left in me.

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