Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tastes like chicken

Jackson. Oh my Jackson. Today you went over the top - you bit your brother. BIT him! I was nursing Holden after we got back from the park this AM, and I thought you were trying to give his toe a kiss. "Ahh, how sweet!" I thought. I thought wrong. Two seconds later your harmless 7 month old brother was howling in pain with a big tooth mark on his foot and you stood there grinning ear to ear. I can't even describe how angry I was. Come on buddy, cut your brother (and your mama!) some slack. I've seen you hit, push, swat and scratch your brother many times in the past several months. It's upsetting to say the least. I send you to your room. You are in tears. He is in tears. Often, I am in tears, too. I wish I understood it more big guy. Oh, I know you are jealous of him, and miss our days of it just being you and me...but he ain't going anywhere fella, so you best get used to it. I want to find a way to let you know you are still my baby, too, but you are growing and changing so much. It's rare I see that "baby" in you anymore. You've always been an independent spirit, but now you seem confused by it all. I hear that three is tough. Yeah, I think I agree. I want to help you through this, but little dude, when you bite your defenseless brother, all I can do is throw my hands up at it. But watch out Jack. 'Cause your little brother is cutting his first two teeth right now. And before too long, he's gonna be able to bite back...and I might just have my head turned when it happens. Watch out big guy!

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