Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hey, Mr H has his first tooth poking through! Woo-hoo! He was fussy from 4pm-6pm last night, I put him to bed, and he woke up this morning with a chomper sticking through. Cool! He's getting his teeth 2 months later than Jackson. Weird! But he has more hair than Jackson at this age so they're even.

Johnny Cash II

This morning I asked Jackson what music he wanted to listen to while we ate breakfast. Without hesitation he replied,

"Johnny Cash."

Then he paused and added, "Johnny Cash is cool and good!"

Atta boy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Too many good ones...

I've been using my camera a lot lately, as I've mentioned. Learning new tricks and such. It's been fun. So I thought I'd post some more of my boys. They make great subjects!

Holden and Daddy, Sunday morning

Chef Jackson, sometime mid-week

Cool Jackson, Saturday afternoon

Me and my boys, late afternoon after naps
Like father like son, earlier this evening
Sweet baby, at the Zoo on Sunday
Sweet baby II
Jackson at the pool, Saturday mid-day

Holden, sunning himself at the pool
My 3 men

Bugs and trucks

This morning the boys and I were playing under a make-shift tent in the playroom. Well, really it was a blanket thrown over our heads with my hand holding it up to keep it from collapsing on the boys. They both thought it was hilarious. In a moment of true euphoria Jackson turns to Holden and says:

"Oh Baby Holden, I love..."

Now of course I thought he was going to bust out with "Oh Baby Holden, I love YOU!" but alas, the final words out of his mouth were...

"...butterflies! Oh, and Firetrucks!"

Ahh, well, at least the bugs and trucks are get'n some love.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ghost Baby

This picture is totally creepy! I'm still experimenting with my camera and got this bizarre ghost-like picture of Holden. Weird!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

delayed...weekend at Nana's

I realized this evening that I never blogged about Jackson's first time away from home staying with Nana last weekend. He loved staying at Nana's house! Hooray! He did great on the drive down, about 2 hours. Nana even mentioned that Jackson had her turn off his travel dvd player so he could talk to her. Awesome. His vocabulary amazes me anyway, but to actually want to have a conversation rather than watch a movie is just plain cool, and terribly "grown up" of him! Anyway... At Nana's house Jackson had plenty to play with. She bought him the game "Cooties" which I have great memories of from when I was a kid, as well as a racetrack; which thankfully stayed at Nana's after the weekend adventure. He ate well and enjoyed chocolate cake for dessert. Preferring to bypass the slice Nana cut for him and diving into the cake itself. That's my boy! He apparently had a few minutes of tears missing mommy and daddy at bedtime, but ended up falling asleep while Nana read to him. Ahhh!!

The rest of their weekend was much of the same. He enjoyed his time with Nana and was very well behaved. He became a tad frustrated (re: close to tantrumville) at the park because another, older child would not get off the equipment he wanted to play on and kept teasing him. But otherwise he did great and was on his best behavior, remembering to say please, thank you and I love you without prompting. He even managed to go the entire weekend without a potty accident! That is huge. While he is doing quite well with the potty at home, I worried how it would go over being in a strange house. But it appears he had no troubles. And you know, each time Shawn and I would talk to him we both felt a little sad at how great he was doing and how little he was missing us. He always sounded so excited and soooo grown up. But Sunday morning when we met he and Nana at a 1/2-way point restaurant to celebrate Father's Day Jackson practically leaped out of Nana's car to give us both a huge hug. He even had a squeeze for his brother Holden! It was awesome

I'm so proud of my big boy for doing so well. His maturity astounds me. I'm so glad that he had fun and that Nana had a good time as well. He's invited back for another visit before Nana goes back to work at the end of the summer. Hooray for my big boy!

Oh, and Shawn and I really enjoyed having some special time with Holden. We had to marvel at how easy it was just having a baby all weekend as opposed to a baby and a preschooler. We're wondering why we ever thought parenting was so tough the first time around!?

Way to go big guy. We're so proud of you!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Evening, 5:56 PM

It's just shy of 6:00 PM on Friday evening here in blustery Colorado. Both my boys are asleep. Yes, asleep. For the night. Dave Matthews Band is playing on the new iPod Shawn bought me. Grilled chicken and roasted veggie pizza is cooking in the oven. A cool breeze just kissed my face. is sweet.

The boys and I had a busy day. Jackson awoke before 6AM and Holden was up not long after. The days begin early in our house - always have. Fortunately my dear husband gets up with the earliest riser and lets me sleep a bit. This is because Holden is still waking to nurse 1-2 times a night. I love my husband. So we hit the library today. And Walgreens. Lunch from Sonic. NO AFTERNOON NAPS from either child. This is a rarity for Holden, but sadly the norm for Jackson. So I schlepped both boys to the pool for the afternoon. I wanted to wear them out and I guess I did. It was a great time to go - there were very few people there in the late afternoon sun. It was perfect. Then home again to dry off, throw on "Madagascar" and let me get dinner going. I glance over and Jackson is passed out asleep on the couch. It's 5:30 PM. I know that this means bedtime for him, not a nap. I carry his tanned body to bed and tuck him in. He lies in a position that he used to sleep in as a baby on occasion -- hands tucked behind his head as if laying out in the sun. His innocence and sweetness takes my breath away as I kiss him goodnight. He smells like sunscreen, chlorine and grapes. I nurse a very sleep Holden who falls into a slumber quickly and without complaint.

Shawn just drove up. Hopefully there's a bottle of vino in his car to enjoy with our homemade pizza. And the quiet. I think it goes without saying that I adore my boys. But I also adore this silence that fills my house right now. On a Friday night and 5:56PM with both boys sawing logs.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I took the boys to the pool today. By myself. I deserve a raise.

But seriously, it was a ball! They both loved being in the water. It was hot outside and coolish in the pool - but not too cool. (that's the benefit of a baby, yeah, that much baby pee makes it rather warm...sorry). It's a zero entry pool so Holden and I sat in the incline with barely his legs in the water. He splashed around and laughed and watched all the kids. Jackson leaped through the water in leaps and bounds splashing about. He had a blast. And he was very good about not going too deep so I didn't have to run after him. It was awesome. I even braved wearing a swimsuit -- though it does look like a cheerleading dress according to Shawn. Welcome to Momville.

Our neighbors, Lisa and her son Jackson (yes, Jackson - my Jackson calls him Jacksonnextdoor- all one word- to differentiate) joined us for about an hour or so as well. It was such a "summer feeling" to me. I remember so well our summers spent either at the Raquet Club pool, where Mom would pack a lunch and lots of drinks and we'd spend all day splashing in the sun. And later after Dad put in his backyard pool laying our shivering wet selves across steaming cement to warm up. We lived at the pool in the summers. I'm glad I finally got up the courage to don my swimdress and tackle handling two small children at the pool. I love having my summer memories repeat themselves with my own boys.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweet kisses

Oh my, Holden. You are taking my breath away on a regular basis these days. I find this age - 7.5, almost 8, months, to be exhilarating. You are enchanting. Just today we were playing together quietly. You were staring into my eyes, so intently. I pulled you to my face for a kiss and you opened WIDE. You fluttered your eyes and kissed me with your big, open, slobbery mouth. I assumed it was just a fluke -- that couldn't have been a real kiss, right? But each time I pulled you to me, you blinked and opened wide to kiss me. We kept this little routine up for several minutes, and then you erupted into a fit of giggles. As if to say "Ah Mom, that was so fun! Let's do it again!" And so we did.

I. Adore. You. My love.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Happy Father's Day to my 2 favorite Daddy's...

Shawn and Holden - 10/25/2006

Shawn and Jackson, 5/5/2004

Me and my Dad, sometime in the 70's

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Holden, mid-clap.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Over the river...

...and through the woods, to Nana's house he goes...

Jackson is off to Nana's for his first ever overnight weekend trip with anyone except mom and dad. Nana's been wanting to do this for a long time and finally we feel Jackson is ready. Not sure if we are. But he is.

She lives about 2 hours away, so we are hoping it is a smooth evening. I've packed his necessities - his 2 blankies and pillow, a sippy cup, 4 pairs of underwear, 3 changes of clothes, 2 pairs of jammies, 7 books, 2 cars, one portable potty, one step-stool for hand washing, and a little surprise for Nana...some of the pictures of the boys taken below (the good ones) for her to frame. We will meet up with them on Sunday in the Springs for a nice Father's day brunch/lunch. Until then I will *try* to enjoy the quiet and solitude of having only an infant to care for. I will *try* not to miss him too much. I will *try* not to cry thinking of him ...oh well, too late for that. I shed a couple of small tears when they drove away. My baby. My baby ain't a baby anymore. He's grown up enough for an overnight trip. He's grown up enough to not even miss us. He hopped into Nana's car as soon as I got the car seat installed and barely gave me a kiss as he drove away, happily waving to me.

OK Amy, buck it up. It's just 48 little hours. You can do this. You can.


Here they are, as promised! Note the glee on Jackson's face in the last couple of frames. Turkey!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Photo session

I took 138 pictures of these two boys. Here are my favorites. Let's face it, getting a 3 year old and a 7 month old to cooperate and smile a the exact same time is no easy feat. Especially when the 3 year old wants to clobber the 7 month old on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure I earned my "mommy points" for the day on this one. Stay tuned...outtake photos to be posted later, including a "shouldn't-be-funny-but-it-is" montage of Jackson knocking Holden over with the sly turn of his leg. Priceless.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


*warning* -this post is slightly gross...ok, I warned ya

This morning Jackson had his usual morning poop in his little potty. He's not had a poop accident in ages (knock wood) and we are very proud of him. He does it completely on his own and then tells me he's done it so I can help clean him up. 'nuff said. So he tells me he's pooped and I go to take the little tray out of his little potty so I can dump it and clean the potty (ahh, the highlight of my morning...yuck). I plop it in the potty and Jackson exclaims

"Wow, that's a big poop! That's three poops!! Let's flush 'em away!!!!!!!!"

And we did just that. At least I didn't take a picture to post, right?!

Monday, June 11, 2007


We've had this camera for over a year and I just figured out a cool new function! Here's some of my masterpieces:

(ps - yes, Holden is chewing on an age-inappropriate toy. sue me.)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Knock on wood....

As of late, we've noticed an improvement in Jackson's behavior and temperament. It's like the past 3-4 days a switch was turned off, or maybe on, whatever, he's been easier going. The tantrums have been considerably less. The screaming has been practically non-existent. He's been kind to his little brother (who adores him no matter what he does to him). And he hasn't lashed out at any of his friends. I'm knocking on wood. I hope this is a corner we are turning. He's an incredibly bright, sweet, funny and clever boy. I say that in all modesty. But three has certainly been a challenge for us. I hope this sweet little boy that has been visiting us the past few days decides to stay. I love the extra snuggles, smiles and "I love you's" that he hands out.

This morning was rather windy, so I decided to take the boys to the top of the trail behind our house. It's up on a hill and gets good gusts of wind. We took our kite that Shawn got in Seattle and flew it. We had moderate success getting it up in the air. Shawn's the kite-pro and he was working today. But it was a fun morning and both the boys and I had a ball. Jackson was so patient and so excited. As we were walking up the hill he said to me "Look! A butterfly! I love butterflies. And lady bugs. And chipmunks. And ants. And caterpillars. And mommy. And daddy. And baby Holden. And lady bugs. And lady bugs. And butterflies. I love butterflies!" His enthusiasm overfloweth! It was an awesome moment. Ahhh...that'll melt your heart.

So "Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood..." I want this boy to stick around. I've missed him!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Butterflies are free...

Jackson - age 3 - learns how to use glue (with some scissor help from mommy)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

All done!

We are teaching Holden baby signs. We did them with Jackson with great success. By a year he was communicating his basic (and sometimes not so basic) needs via sign language. Even now, at 3 years of age, he occasionally falls back into signing. He'll say please and sign it at the same time. It's cute. So I'm doing it with Holden. Every time it is applicable I sign to him "eat" "more" "thank you" "milk" and "all done!" Today I was feeding him some pears and oatmeal for breakfast. He was getting cranky and staring at my chest, so my guess is that he wanted milk not pears. I gave up and declared "All done!" signing it as well as speaking it. Shawn and Jackson also both chimed in "All done!" And following that Holden also declared "Ahhdonnn!" No, he didn't sign it. He said it! It was amazing. He had a big grin on his face as he said it, too. Do I think he was really talking? Well, not likely. But it was a pretty darn good imitation of what we were all saying. So I'm going to count it. My baby's first words.... "Ahhdonnn!"

Friday, June 01, 2007

A glimpse into our future...

Today my eldest child made his first ever purchase with his own money. It was such a delight to watch. Jackson has been bugging me for a month to buy a yellow scoop truck from Target. He spied it weeks ago and hasn't stopped talking about it. I told him he could use his birthday money from BJ to make the purchase (since we didn't even up getting a book after last week's disastrous trip to the bookstore). So today while we were at Target I grabbed the few essentials I needed and then headed to the toy section. Carefully Jackson perused all the bright yellow scoop trucks and picked the one he wanted. Surprisingly it was the smallest, least expensive one on the shelf. But he was adamant about it. So I handed it to him and he carried it to the check out stand. I told the guy behind the counter that the young man would be paying for his item and I would pay for mine. Jackson handed him his scoop and the $20 bill, which we dug out of his big, yellow crayon bank this morning. Carefully he watched as the checkout guy scanned the truck, put it in a bag, and handed him his receipt and change. Jackson had sort of an embarrassed but proud look on his face. He thanked the check out guy and waited patiently for me to finish paying for my items. He kept peering into the bag, gingerly touching the plastic packaging around the truck, and then closing the bag up again. He was full of anticipation waiting to get to the car to open it, I could tell. But more than that he was so incredibly proud of himself. As was I of him. It reminded me, once again, how quickly he is growing up. And how these little, precious moments are what I pray I will remember when he 17 and racing out the door for a date or a game or whatever...

And on the way home, as he played with his new (loud!) scoop, I noticed a car next to me stopped at the stop light. In the car was a young boy - he couldn't have been more than 16 years old - and a middle aged woman, maybe mid 40's, sitting to the right of him. Now as this is America, his sitting on the left side means he was driving. He was trying to act very cool, I could tell. He kept fiddling with his sunglasses and the radio dial and the rear view mirror. He sat so far back in his seat I wondered if he was driving with his fingertips and tippy toes to brake. I noticed a somewhat exasperated look on the woman - obviously his mother. Exasperated, yes, but also with a slight smile. She too was aware of him trying so hard to "act cool" with his mom in the car with him. It was a brief scene, and soon the light was green and we were all moving, but it stuck with me the rest of the day. There she was with her almost-grown son, learning to drive. And my two small boys sat in the back seat of my car, tucked safely in their car seats. Holden trying desperately not to fall asleep (he failed) and Jackson happily playing with his new purchase. And I realized soberly how soon that day was going to be here... my boys no longer small and fragile. Soon they will be big, gangly teenagers running through our house at top speed, eating us out of house and home. Soon we will be handing over the keys to our car, waiting up until curfew for the keys to announce their arrival back home again, safe and sound. Soon they won't be constrained by car seats or our outdated rules. But it isn't "soon" yet, and I'm holding onto these days as tightly as I can. Challenges and all. Because for now, it's all about purchasing a scoop truck for $3.49. By the way, have I mentioned the boy already owns at least 32 scoop trucks? Ah well, it's his money...right!?